2020 was a year that posed serious challenges to every corner of society. The driving instruction industry was no different. We, here at drivingtestcarhire.ie would like to thank all of our instructors and customers for their professionalism, patience and understanding when things got tough this year.

We are also aware that as we face into yet another lockdown that the waiting time for a test continues to lengthen.

There is room for hope though. The RSA are hiring and training new testers. There is now approval for a vaccine and other approvals are just around the corner. Waiting times should gradually begin to fall.

When you trust us here at drivingtestcarhire.ie to provide a car for your all important driving test you can rest assured that we continue to provide the excellent service people have come to expect from the industry leaders in this specialised field.

We also guarantee to santize the car before and after every client, keep the windows open, ensure full compliance with the mask wearing etiquette and provide sanitizing gel to all our clients.

Thank you again for your trust in us. We hope you enjoyed your (quiet) Christmas and wish you the very best for 2021.

Mick and Steven