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Pass your Driving Test

With our help and a car in perfect condition, you will sail though your Driving Test with Driving Test Car Hire.

September 2022
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What You Get:


Fully insured car in perfect condition


Full checklist rundown


Meet you at Finglas Test Centre


Ultimate Pre-Test Lesson


Practice Driving Test


Fault analysis and correction of driving faults

Lets show you what we do at Finglas Driving Test Centre to help you Pass your Driving Test

  • Finglas Test Centre Test Preparation at its best
  • Finglas Test Routes covered as part of your Expert Pre Test
  • All Show and Tell details as asked for by the Driving Examiner Covered
  • Additional Pre Test lessons if required by Driving Test Car Hires Expert Instructors
  • All cars provided guaranteed to be up to standard
  • Only fully qualified ADI Approved Instructors provided . ( some large driving schools may use part qualified )
  • No Mock test required as its a huge additional cost used by large schools to generate extra revenue.


Finglas driving test center is the busiest test centre in the country. All categories of vehicle are tested here including buses and trucks. Watch out for these large vehicles while practising and especially within the compound. (They do however have a separate parking area).

It is located in Jamestown Business Park off the Jamestown road. This is a well established Business Park and looks a little rundown. It is populated with older warehouses. Access to this Driving Test Center is via a security controlled barrier. You may be asked on the way in if you have your driving test that day. Once through the barrier you will generally be asked to take an immedate right followed by two lefts. There is ample parking towards the rear of the building.  You will then need to walk back around to the front of the building to access the main door. The waiting area is modern and clean.

Finglas Driving Test Routes

Everything from quiet estates to busy dual carriageways can be found here in Finglas. Mini roundabouts are plentiful as are junctions and roads with many parked cars. Giving sufficient clearance to parked cars is important (1 metre if possible) and your peeping and creeping skills will be tested on more than one occasion. Finglas village itself can be tricky particularly turning right on to the main street after leaving the dual carriageway. Some of the test routes may take you quite far from the test centre. The driving testers at this centre have a large suite of routes and estates to choose from. It can be difficult to cover all the routes in a short period of time. It is true that Finglas has one of the lowest pass rates of any test centre in the country. However we have always found that (as always with our practical car hire) with the right preparation and advice we have great success here. That said we do recommend more time preparing here than at some other test centres.

During your pre test lesson we will cover as many of the routes as possible and prepare you for all the challenges that you may encounter in Finglas Driving Test Center

An excellent way to maximise the effectiveness of your practical car hire with Driving Test Car Hire is to meet us at or near the test centre. This allows us to spend the totality of your preparation on the all important test routes. If you don’t have an accompanying driver we can easily meet you at a bus stop. We are of course more than happy to collect you from your home if that suits you better. After your driving test we offer a drop off service free of charge to anywhere within a three km radius of Finglas test centre.

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