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Overview of the Driving Test Centre in Naas

Naas now has two driving test centres. The original one is located in a separate building at the back of the Osprey Hotel on the south east side of Naas town. The waiting room is comfortable and clean toilets are available. There are dedicated spaces for test candidates but not many so we only use them at your actual test time. The parking is tight so we make sure to arrive in good time. Pass rate is almost 50% and waiting times average around 10/11 weeks which is one of the lowest in the country.

The second and new test centre is confusingly called Naas 3. It is located across the road from the council offices in the Town House Hotel. This is an older hotel and it is not well signposted that there is an RSA test centre located within. Be very careful that you tell your instructor which test centre you have been called to.

We cannot be held responsible if you attend the wrong test centre, so please check your email confirmation very carefully.

As the test centres are located within 500 metres of each other the routes have not changed.

You can apply for your driving test in Naas Driving Test Centre on the RSA website.

Naas Driving Test Routes

There are many routes available to the testers here and as always they have a degree of discretion as to where they bring candidates. Watch out, the Caragh Court estate is perfect for practicing manouvers but the RSA have agreed not to use it to avoid annoying the neighbours. There are many roads with 60 kph limits so (depending on the car) 5th gear will probably be needed. Most tests will drive through the town centre which is nearly always busy. There are numerous pedestrian crossings at which caution is needed. Despite the relatively low pass rate you can tip the balance in your favour with Driving Test Car Hire.

If you have a test date in Naas but no roadworthy car, you can guarantee the best tuition in the business and a perfectly prepared car with a small €20 deposit. Don’t hesitate book now and we’ll help you get your all important driving licence at Naas driving test centre.

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