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With our help and a car in perfect condition, you will sail though your Driving Test with Driving Test Car Hire.

August 2022
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Fully insured car in perfect condition


Full checklist rundown


Meet you at Tipperary Test Centre


Ultimate Pre-Test Lesson


Practice Driving Test


Fault analysis and correction of driving faults

Overview of the Driving Test Centre in Tipperary

The RSA Tipperary Test Centre is located in the Cannon Hayes Sports Centre on Avondale Crescent. 

There is a fairly low pass rate here (running at around 54%) and we can tip the balance in your favour with one of our perfectly prepared cars alongside tuition that’s the best in the business. Tipperary is also one of the very few test centres outside Dublin where you can hire an automatic car at short notice for your RSA driving test.

You can apply for your driving test in Tipperary Driving Test Centre on the RSA website.

Tipperary Driving Test Routes

The testers here have a suite of routes available to them and can of course use their discretion when necessary. One route often used however involves a right turn exiting the test centre on to Avondale Crescent. This is followed by a left on to Main St and then the first left into James Connolly Park. At this point you will be asked to turn right to St Michael’s Avenue and then take the first exit from the mini roundabout followed by the second left back on to James Connolly Park. Often the manouvers will be performed around here and then follows a good mix of town driving through the main street and quicker moving traffic on a National Route (the N24). There is a lot to be aware of here in Tipperary and we know all the tips to set you up perfectly to get that all important “RED Licence”.

There are many challenges here for the unwary and the unprepared. We will show you this route and the others and have you ready and confident for your test. Don’t hesitate, whether it’s a manual or automatic licence you need, call us here now at Tipperary for quality pretests and the most flexible carhire offering in the business.

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