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With our help and a car in perfect condition, you will sail though your Driving Test with Driving Test Car Hire.

August 2022
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Fully insured car in perfect condition


Full checklist rundown


Meet you at Tullamore Test Centre


Ultimate Pre-Test Lesson


Practice Driving Test


Fault analysis and correction of driving faults

Overview of the Driving Test Centre in Tullamore

The waiting times here at the RSA Tullamore test centre are quite long at up to 17 weeks. Pass rates hover at around 59%. The Driving Test centre is located on the Clonminch road in Government buildings. There are excellent parking facilities here in the “visitor’s carpark”. There are also public toilets available for test candidates.

You can apply for your driving test in Tullamore Driving Test Centre on the RSA website.

Tullamore Driving Test Routes

One of the trickiest challenges here can be exiting the test centre itself. You are joining a busy public road and good judgement, progression and observation are key. There are also a couple of schools on the routes so this can add difficulty to your test if it coincides with school time. exiting from test center on to a busy public road requires good observation and progression. Don’t waste the long wait for a test here, make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of passing with our bespoke offer.

These routes and situations will be fully covered before your test here in Tullamore. We offer the best preparation possible for your driving test. Don’t hesitate, a small deposit will guarantee you expert tuition and an easy to drive car guaranteed to be accepted for the test.

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