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Fault analysis and correction of driving faults

Overview of the Driving Test Centre in Wicklow

Wicklow Driving Test Centre is located in Government Buildings on The Murrough.

Parking is extremely tight and tricky at this centre. Make sure to arrive early and give yourself time to a good job of parking your car (obviously making sure to reverse into the space and be within and parallel to the white lines). Facilities are good here with a small but comfortable waiting area and clean toilets.

There are never usually more than two testers working at this test centre.

We find that generally candidates are made to feel welcome at the Wicklow test centre.

Wicklow Driving Test Routes

Wicklow test centre has way more than it’s fair share of very narrow and busy urban streets. It also challenges you with some of the steepest hills to be found at any RSA test centre. There are also blind junctions and a couple of tricky roundabouts to keep you on your toes! Even the most used reverse around the corner is on a steep hill. Common routes include the new bypass (watch out for the massive potholes before the turnabout!) and the main street of the town. Despite this the pass rate is a little above average and we would have no hesitation in recommending this test centre. Clutch control, peep and creep skills and good cooperation with other road users are some of the critical skills required to do well at this location. As with all other test centres preparation is key. You should know the area as well as possible, have your rules of the road and roadsigns at your fingertips and be very familiar with your car’s secondary controls.  

All of these aspects and routes will be fully covered on your pre tests with Driving Test Car Hire before your driving test in Wicklow.

An excellent way to maximise the effectiveness of your pre tests with Driving Test Car Hire is to meet us at or near the test centre. This allows us to spend the totality of your preparation on the all important test routes. If you don’t have an accompanying driver we can easily meet you at the train station or bus stop. We are of course more than happy to collect you from your home if that suits you better. After your driving test we offer a drop off service free of charge to anywhere within a three km radius of Wicklow test centre.

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