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With our help and a car in perfect condition, you will sail though your Driving Test with Driving Test Car Hire.

September 2022
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Fully insured car in perfect condition


Full checklist rundown


Meet you at Raheny Test Centre


Ultimate Pre-Test Lesson


Practice Driving Test


Fault analysis and correction of driving faults

Overview of the Driving Test Centre in Raheny

The test centre is located in a row of shops at 4 All Saint’s Park, Raheny. The average wait time for a test at this Raheny test centre is 8 weeks and the overall pass rate is currently 47%.

There is a very small waiting area which fills up very quickly at busy times. Also the toilet is located inside the test centre meaning you have to ask the tester if you need to use it after he calls you. Not really ideal but it’s good to be forewarned. The costcutter next door has a small seating area for your accompanying driver to wait over a coffee.

It is recommended to park over to the right as you exit the test centre (you will see other learner cars parked there). Parking just outside means you may get caught up in shopping traffic. As this entails a short walk an umbrella might be a good idea, just in case. 

Raheny Driving Test Routes

The routes here at Raheny are a good mix of relatively busy arterial routes (sometimes with 60kph limits) and quieter residential roads. Generally the locations chosen for manouvers (often in St Anne’s Park) here are quiet and not as challenging as we find at some other centres. That’s not to say that there aren’t a few tricky spots though. Skillful negotiation of mini roundabouts is key here and Raheny village can be very busy with the possibility of a steep hillstart in heavy traffic. There are many narrow roads with parked cars so both clearance and cooperation with other road users is important here. All aspects of the driving test in general and the Raheny routes in particular will be covered by our expert and patient instructors here at Driving Test Car Hire.

An excellent way to maximise the effectiveness of your car rent for driving test with Driving Test Car Hire is to meet us at or near Raheny test centre. This allows us to spend the totality of your preparation on the all important test routes. If you don’t have an accompanying driver we can easily meet you at a location that suits you better.

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