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August 2022
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Fault analysis and correction of driving faults

Overview of the Driving Test Centre in Athlone

Athlone, right in the very heart of Ireland is a busy test centre that caters for all categories of vehicles presenting for the RSA driving test. With an average waiting time of 18 weeks (which can stretch to almost 6 months!) it has one of the longest wait times in the country. However with a pass rate slightly north of 61% your chances of passing here are better than at many other centres.

Parking is plentiful and easy to access here but there are NO toilet facilities for test candidates. People often use the Kentucky Fried Chicken nearby when necessary.

You can apply for your driving test in Athlone Driving Test Centre on the RSA website.

Athlone Driving Test Routes

Once you know the routes well there is nothing too stressful to be found here in Athlone, however you do need to prepare. The trickiest junction we find here is at Beech Park West where there is a steep hill start on a blind right turn. At Northgate Street there is an unusual and sharp left turn off a roundabout. The manouvers are found in fair and quiet locations. We will show you all these spots on your pretest with us.

Athlone is a pretty good place to do your RSA driving test, however there are pitfalls for the unwary and unprepared. If you don’t know the town well we would recommend at least a two hour pretest. This will give us time to cover the all important routes with you. Make sure you are well prepared, book now for pretest lessons that are second to none and a car that’s sure to help you sail through the test.

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