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Overview of the Driving Test Centre in Letterkenny

The test centre here in Letterkenny is located at 5 Pearse Road. Like everywhere else around the country waiting times are stretching, here you will likely be waiting over 14 weeks for a date for your driving test. That said with a pass rate of well over 60% those who learn to drive here are more likely to pass than at many other test centres.

You can apply for your driving test in Letterkenny Driving Test Centre on the RSA website.

Letterkenny Driving Test Routes

Difficulties can arise for the unprepared directly leaving the test centre. You enter a one way system onto Pearse road where two lanes of traffic approach from the left. This traffic is often travelling fast and drivers tend to perform last minute lane changes with little or no warning. Our instructors will give you the guidance and confidence you need to safely join this road.

Most test centres have a tricky roundabout but here in Letterkenny we have three! Station roundabout located at Pearse road, Port road and Ramelton road is also an entrance to Letterkenny shopping centre. This results in large unpredictable volumes of traffic all jostling for position where exits are very close together. Excellent clutch control and anticipation are critical to safely take a gap when one presents. There are two mini roundabouts located on Lower main street near old Dunnes. Once again this is a very busy location and one of these roundabouts serves Dunnes, Old town, Lower Main Street and Pearse road. These roundabouts require plenty of practice and the advice of an experienced instructor.

Another challenging situation here in Letterkenny is the junction at the bottom of Gortlee where it joins the Ramelton road. There is a yellow box junction with the possibility of a left or right turn. Good cooperation with other road users combined with a deep understanding of how a box junction operates will be taught with practice approaches from every direction.

After waiting so long for a test date make sure you give yourself the best possible chance of passing. A small deposit guarantees expert instruction and a dual controlled car that shows the tester you are well prepared. This is also sure to put him at ease. Don’t hesitate, Book Now.

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