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Overview of the Driving Test Centre in Mallow

There is a pretty long waiting list here, averaging 17 weeks but sometimes reaching 22 weeks! That’s almost 6 months. Make sure you don’t waste the long wait by not giving yourself the best possible chance of passing the test here at Mallow. There is a fairly good pass rate here (running at around 62%) and we can tip the balance in your favour with one of our perfectly prepared cars alongside tuition that’s the best in the business. Mallow is also one of the very few test centres outside Dublin where you can hire an automatic car at short notice for your RSA driving test.

Mallow is located 25 minutes from Blackpool, in Cork City. A short drive along the N20 will bring you to the Annabella roundabout, Mallow. You will need to take the 2nd exit on to the Limerick Road and then the second left towards Mallow council offices. Once you follow the one way system you can’t miss the RSA test centre.

You can apply for your driving test in Mallow Driving Test Centre on the RSA website.

Mallow Driving Test Routes

This is a pleasant town in which to do your test in. You will be often asked to turn left leaving the test centre and head towards the Dairygold roundabout. The fourth exit leads to Beaches Street. You may then be asked to take the second left and then quickly right onto Glenanaar Terrace. At the T junction there is a right turn leading to a set of lights. Left at the lights will lead you passed Dunnes and Market Place. A left turn here leads to Muddy Hill which in turn leads to Spa road. A right turn brings us around Clock House and over the bridge. Next we turn right at the lights followed by a tricky, hidden left. The manouvers then follow with a trip on the busy N20 to finish.

There are challenges here for the unwary. We will show you this route and the others and have you ready and confident for your test. Don’t hesitate, whether it’s a manual or automatic licence you need, call us here now at Mallow for quality pretests and the most flexible carhire offering in the business.

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