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Overview of the Driving Test Centre in Castlemungret

Situated on the south side of Limerick city. This modern test centre caters for heavy goods vehicles (HGV) Buses, trucks, mini buses, trailers, cars and motor cycles.

You can apply for your driving test in Limerick – Woodview Driving Test Centre on the RSA website.

Castlemungret Driving Test Routes

This test centre operates from a small industrial estate and applicants should be in nothing higher than 2nd gear leaving and entering the test centre.

On leaving the estate applicants can be taking left or right. Left is the easier option as turning right takes you onto two large and busy roundabouts. One particular route which takes you right and in the dock road has three different speed limits on it, 50, 60 and 100 kilometres. The final four kilometres is dual carriageway driving and applicants would be expected to keep up with the flow of traffic. One of the few centres where top gear is needed.

However the majority of tests are conducted in and around Raheen and Dooradoyle. Some of these routes can take you past the very busy University Hospital and Saint Paul’s school dealing with a busy roundabout and bus lane. Applicants should cover as many routes as possible prior to doing their test. Two particular areas where applicants fail on a regular basis are Raheen church and the lights below Raheen church.

Approaching Raheen church from upper church road applicants must come to a full stop, you can only turn left here but applicants look right, see there’s no traffic and continue left, failing to stop and automatically failing their test.

Below Raheen church you may be asked to change to the right hand lane and turn right at the lights. You must wait for the filter light (right arrow) failing to do this will also result in an automatic fail.

Driving Test Car Hire will get you over these hurdles and ensure you get the all important “Red Licence”.

All of these aspects and routes will be fully covered on your pre tests with Driving Test Car Hire before your driving test in Castlemungret.

An excellent way to maximise the effectiveness of your pre tests with Driving Test Car Hire is to meet us at or near the test centre. This allows us to spend the totality of your preparation on the all important test routes. We are of course more than happy to collect you from your home if that suits you better. After your driving test we offer a drop off service free of charge to anywhere within a three km radius of the Castlemungret test centre.

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