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Overview of the Driving Test Centre in Buncrana

Athlone, right in the very heart of Ireland is a busy test centre that caters for all categories of vehicles presenting for the RSA driving test. With an average waiting time of 18 weeks (which can stretch to almost 6 months!) it has one of the longest wait times in the country. However with a pass rate slightly north of 61% your chances of passing here are better than at many other centres.

Parking is plentiful and easy to access here but there are NO toilet facilities for test candidates. People often use the Kentucky Fried Chicken nearby when necessary.

You can apply for your driving test in Athlone Driving Test Centre on the RSA website.

Buncrana Driving Test Routes

Buncrana is a small enough town with a only a few routes however the testers can sometimes deviate from these due to traffic holdups. All tests are conducted inside the urban area, this means 50 KPH will be your top speed and normally no need for 5th. There are three roundabouts and four Pedestrian lights. Traffic can be very variable, however lunchtime tends to be busiest.

There are also a few one way systems in the town which are not well marked or signed. These roads need particular care regarding correct positioning, especially when asked to turn right from these one way systems. Knowing rights of way and negotiating parked vehicles on narrow, poorly marked roads can be challenging. We will make you fully aware of these tricky road markings.

Drivers can expect to approach a few stop signs on hills. Smooth, fluent and expert use of the handbrake and clutch is imperative at these junctions.

Be on the look out for residents who frequently turn the wrong way into one way streets and confuse you, slow down,stay straight,they will more than likely pass you. Don’t panic, it’s not your fault, it’s a Buncrana thing.

These routes and situations will be fully covered before your test here in Buncrana. We offer the best preparation possible for your driving test. Don’t hesitate, a small deposit will guarantee you expert tuition and an easy to drive car guaranteed to be accepted for the test.

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