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Overview of the Driving Test Centre in Sligo

The Test centre is located on the Ballisodare Road beside Molly Fulton’s Bar & Restaurant. When you arrive at the Driving Centre you should reverse into the allocated parking space as this will be of benefit to you when exiting the test centre. We usually arrive approximately ten minutes early. This is to ensure we are in good time but not spending too long in the waiting room.

You can apply for your driving test in Sligo Driving Test Centre on the RSA website.

Sligo Driving Test Routes

As with many other test centres the challenge begins immediately on leaving the Driving Test Centre. There is a blind junction leading directly to an 80kmph zone.

The Examiner will ask you to turn left or right at this junction. You will encounter everything from Dual carriageways to busy housing estates with parked cars. When overtaking a parked car you need to leave a door length between those and your car. There are a number of roundabouts and zebra crossings close to St. Anne’s Church that can be challenging during the test. At Markievicz Park when taking a right turn there are traffic lights that change frequently so you should be ready to progress when required.

If brought in the direction of Ballisodare, you will be tested on rural secondary road driving along with housing estates, roundabouts and small but busy villages. Even though these situations can initially feel a little daunting we will expertly put you at ease and show you the tips and skills you need to sail confidently through your RSA driving test.

The routes used here in Sligo can be quite wide and varied. If you have completed your EDT lessons here in Sligo you may be familiar with many of the roads. However if you aren’t terribly familiar with Sligo we would recommend at least a 2 hour pretest lesson. This will allow us to cover as many routes as possible. Route familiarity, coupled with the best tuition in the business will give you the best possible chance of passing that test first time. Don’t hesitate, a small €20 deposit will guarantee you a perfectly prepared car for your driving test here in Sligo.

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