So what is actually happening as with Driving Tests during this ongoing Pandemic?

Im afraid you currently know as much as we do . We have emailed . We have called and we still don’t actually have any answers .

So whats the issue you might ask ? 

Social Distancing and a enclosed environment mean that for the Road Safety Authority to send Driving Examiners back to work would actually contradict the HSE guidelines. Even though numbers are dropping and the rate of infection has slowed to a almost stop it really doesn’t help.

As a Driving Instructor i look at the phases of re-opening and see that hairdressers and barbers are to return in this phase. My industry however is not listed and our industry is dependent on the RSA providing tests. So we have people who want a test, Instructors that want to return to work in a safe way and no sign of a return of Driver Testing .

So how does this move on

Its a rumour that Motorcycle tests are to be resumed towards the end of June and Truck tests may also resume due to the distance between the driver and the Examiner. Cars may be looked at after Phase 5 which is in August but this will need approval from the HSE and the RSA and of course the Unions .

What about lessons. ?

Hopefully some movement in phase 4 but things will be different. Potentially

  • Car cleaned and Sanitized at the beginning of lesson
  • Temperature check before getting into the car
  • Mandatory Facemask
  • Where possible window remain open
  • No physical contact
  • No pen sharing

When we know you will know .

For now we must wait .

Take care