So we have a update regarding lessons and Driving Tests or do we ?

If you read the roadmap to getting Ireland back working you will see the Phase 3 announcement that Drivng Tests can resume .

The problem is that its very likely that Car Driving Tests will not resume. Motorbikes and some Truck tests yes, but not cars .

We still have issues of social distancing, the 2 metre or 1 metre rule if your minded to pick which is applicable.

Its likely that the RSA will commence testing in cars only after the pressure of longer waiting lists and the fact that other European countries are back testing means that they have no choice.

We hope for everyones sakes this happens sooner rather than later .


Approximately 56,000 people are on the waiting list at the moment and is growing daily .

Needless to say our service will cater for whoever needs it .

Lets hope for everyones sake that this happens sooner rather than later